WBC count at "0"!!!

May 19th, 2007 - 10:56pm by Mom

We stayed with Kevin until after 9 pm tonight and just now got back got back to the RM House. The dilaudid drip has been more effective for pain control then the morphine, but Kevin was still very uncomfortable today. Trying to eat is the worst time, even with the "magic mouthwash". He was also more nauseated with multiple emesis today from the heavy narcotics. The other side effect he is feeling from the dilaudid is excessive itching over his entire body. They are giving him benadryl around the clock, which takes the edge off but doesn't totally stop the itch. On the plus side, it was slightly easier for him to talk today--only in low and short syllables--but that is more then he could do yesterday!! His WBC count today was at "0"!!! Ziltch, Nada, Gone!! NO immune system! His platelets were at 22, which is also very dangerously low--no clotting factor if he were to start to bleed. He hasn't been allowed to use a toothbrush since the platelets dropped below 60--only can use a toothette which is soft and won't make the gums bleed. I have a feeling he will receive a platelet transfusion tomorrow.

They took his temperature just before we left this evening, and for the first time since he was admitted to Abbott, he was running a temp--which means he is most likely coming down with an infection of some sort. They will be monitoring that very closely tonight. Hopefully they can nip it in the butt fast!