We needs our dilaudid, precious.

May 18th, 2007 - 6:46pm by Mom

When we were on the way back to the hospital from St. Cloud this morning, we had a text message from Kevin saying "I need you". When we got to his room I was shocked. He looked like death warmed over! He had a distinctive grey pallor and huge dark circles under his eyes. He was the picture of total misery. I could not help but break down and cry--we cried together.

When the oncologist checked his mouth, I was shocked. His tongue is very grey and the back of his mouth going down his throat is bright red with ulcerations. Kathy Martin, the transplant coordinator, said at this stage it is very painful for him to talk, eat, swallow, and even breathe because the inflammation and sores go all the way down his throat. There is no magic pill to make it better--they can only treat the symptoms with pain control potent enough to allow some comfort. They are giving Kevin some anesthetic mouth washes that decrease the pain for about 15 minutes--long enough for him to be able to eat something. They also started a morphine drip this morning. I argued with the oncologist that morphine doesn't work well for Kevin, makes him nauseous and doesn't give him good pain control. I was advocating for them to give him dilaudid instead since that seems to always work better. The oncologist still wanted to try the morphine and that is the order he wrote. It did make Kevin more nauseated and wasn't very effective for pain control despite increasing the rate 3 times. Finally at 5 pm they were convinced that is wasn't working and switched to dilaudid. Hopefully that will give him more relief.

This will be a hard week for Kevin. His cells are near the bottom--WBC was 100 today and platelet's were 33. Kevin needs your prayers for strength to get through this week.