Severe Mucositis

May 17th, 2007 - 10:33pm by Mom

Dick and I came home yesterday evening in time for him to work, and I put in some long hours at work today. We will go back to Abbott tomorrow morning. Kevin texted a message to me this evening with a request for us to bring some freeze pops back with us tomorrow. His throat was starting to get sore on Tuesday, and today he sounded really awful. His throat is now so sore that it is very hard for him to talk. We knew this was coming, but I didn't realize how severe it would be. The chemo kills the cells in the mouth and lining of the throat and as they die and slough off it causes ulcerations and inflammation in the mouth and all the way down the lining of the throat--severe mucositis. The only treatment is to try to take the edge off with pain medications and ice chips. That is why he requested the freeze pops--they are cold and hopefully will help soothe the pain while he is sucking on them. The only thing that will make it go away is when the cells start coming back and the throat starts healing itself. That is 10-14 days down the road--a long time to be in that misery!