Sleepy Rabbit

May 15th, 2007 - 2:01pm by Mom

Kevin was sleeping upon our arrival this morning, and will be probably out of it most of the day. We were told this morning that he will again need to endure heavy flushing that will start today and continue for 24 hours after the actual stem cell transfusion tomorrow. This is to prepare his body to accept the new stem cells and to flush out the preservative after the transfusion. So soon he will be making hourly trips to the bathroom again with close monitoring of all vitals including temperature and blood pressure every hour. The actual bone marrow transplant will occur at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Prior to that, Kevin will receive heavy sedatives which will decrease the side effects of the stem cell preservative that will be infused with the new bone marrow. We were also told that the next 10-14 days will be when Kevin will feel the lowest and also be the most prone to infection and mouth sores.

Tomorrow Kevin will be at ground zero! It is remarkable how resilient our bodies are and what they can withstand! All in all, we are very proud and happy of the way Kevin has endured this process so far. Even with the horrible nausea, he has been able to eat at least something each day, and he is remaining positive and in good spirits. The staff here have been adding multiple medications to help his body combat the horrible side effects. He is still getting anti-nausea medications, anti-reflux medications, anti-viral medications, antibiotic medications, various electrolytes to replace those lost with the heavy diuretics needed to flush his system, as well his regular mediation regimen. Thankfully, most of them they can give IV so he doesn't have to worry about swallowing so many pills since that is very hard to do when your stomach is feeling so lousy. If we can get him through the next 2 weeks without an infection he will be on easy street!!