Nausea Monster

May 12th, 2007 - 5:58pm by Mom

Kevin was in the firm grip of the nausea monster this morning. He was wearing the face of total misery! It is so difficult for a mother to see her child in so much discomfort! After the oncologist came to see Kevin, he ordered a 4th anti-emetic (they are now using Kytril, Decadron, Ativan, and Compazine) which seemed to help. By mid-afternoon when Dick and I got back from lunch, life had returned and Kevin was feeling well enough get out of bed and play some games and then spend some time on his laptop. And no, Sarah, it wasn't as a result of eating those incredible Idaho spuds. However, if you feel that is the missing magic ingredient--send some up here and I'll sneak them in his room.

Only one more day of needing to wake up every hour for vitals and bathroom trips. The Lasix they have been giving Kevin to make sure he empties his bladder does not accept "no" for an answer. It doesn't care how tired he is or how much nausea he has. It doesn't have a heart!

Dick and I will be moving into the Ronald McDonald house this evening. We will now be able to stay there until Kevin is able to come back home.

For all of you mothers out there, have a GREAT MOTHER'S DAY tomorrow! Treasure your children--but treat yourselves to something special because you deserve it!