Visitor Etiquette Rules

May 11th, 2007 - 6:55pm by Mom

Kevin's vitality is being consumed by overpowering brain fog! The fatigue is really setting in as the toxic waste is conquering his frail body! Between treks to the bathroom and other cares needed every 1-2 hours, Kevin has been falling into exhausted slumber. Too bad he isn't up to playing scrabble today--given his current condition, I think I could actually finally beat him! I have to take advantage of every opportunity that falls my way! He has been able to eat at least a portion of his meals today, but that may not last long. We are on day 4 with only 2 more days before the nasty toxin cycle is completed--then 2 days of total body flushing. I look at the bags of these poisons as they are dripping into his system and I can visualize the nasty beasties fleeing their cozy habitat--the commercial of the nail fungus comes to mind. I do not have any sympathy for their homeless plight, but will be giving them a kick in the butt on their way out!! They were quite comfortable in their comfy domain but their era of plundering and ravaging his body will now cease!

When Dick and I got back to Abbott this morning, we found out that we will be finally able to get into the Ronald McDonald House tomorrow night! That was great news!

For those of you who may want to visit Kevin, here are the

"Visitor Etiquette" rules:

  • Visitors must be healthy. No one with a cold or flu or anything contagious should visit.
  • Visitors must thoroughly wash their hands before entering his room--there is a sink right outside his room. There is also foam disinfectant which is faster and easier to use also right outside his door.
  • Visitors are not allowed to share any food, glasses, eating utensils in the room.
  • Visitors may not use Kevin's bathroom in his room.
  • Visitors should come in clean clothes--not wear clothes that they were working in or caring for a sick child in--increases the chance of bringing in bacteria or fungus.
  • Small children can visit if they are healthy and do not touch Kevin's eating or drinking utensils. If Kevin's cell count is very low, small children can't climb on the bed.
  • Visitors can't bring flowers, balloons, food into the room.
  • Kevin can't have any fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, pepper, fruit smoothies, or any unpasteurized foods.

Have a great weekend everyone!!