New pad at Abbott and visiting address.

May 10th, 2007 - 10:02pm by Mom

Dick and I came back to St. Cloud yesterday evening so he could work. I did some hasty visits to greenhouses and was able to get most of my annuals in before dark. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with some timely rain showers since we won't be home to water and nurture these tiny plants along their path to maturity.

The world is truly a great place to take up space! When we left Kevin yesterday evening, he was still tolerating the chemo fairly well and actually even liked the food at Abbott. I was sure as the chemo builds up in his system, he would start feeling the full effects soon. I went to work today, and called Kevin's nurse late this afternoon to see how he was doing, and my fears were substantiated. The nausea is really starting to hit home and food tolerance is sliding down hill fast.

We did have a wonderful surprise yesterday. We were told in the morning that a larger room would be opening up for Kevin. When Dick and I came back from lunch, Kevin had been moved to the largest room on the unit! It is about 4 times the size of his old room. There is even a small round table so he can set up games (is looking for scrabble players), play cards, ext. There is ample room and plenty of chairs for as many visitors as want to come. It would be absolutely perfect if the large window only had a view. All of the windows on the unit look out to a brick wall. Years ago when they added on to the heart institute, they built the addition parallel to the unit--totally obliterating any view other then their lovely red bricks.

Some of you have requested Kevin's address at Abbott. Here it is:

Abbott Northwestern Hospital
Virginia Piper Cancer Institute
Station 30 Oncology Room 63
Atten: Kevin Fuchs
800 East 28th St
Minneapolis, MN 55407
His room phone # is 612-863-2335

At Children's Kevin was the oldest on the oncology floor; here at Abbott he is the youngest. And, just as at Children's, the nurses have taken him under their wing and are already spoiling him. The staff on the transplant unit are wonderful not only to the patients but also to the families. We feel that Kevin is in very good hands.

Thanks everyone who has been sending Irish jokes--keep them coming!!

Dick and I will be going back tomorrow morning and staying for about a week. Hopefully we will be finally able to get into the RM House--the Sheraton is convenient and nice, but hard on the budget--especially with the ridiculous price at the gas pump. "Oh, Mister Ford, what have you done?" Time to dust off those horse and buggies!