Cleanroom Isolation

May 8th, 2007 - 4:06pm by Mom

Kevin is now sequestered in his protective isolation room at Abbott. As luck would have it, the only open room was one of the very small ones--with just enough room for Kevin's bed and equipment and two very uncomfortable chairs on each side of it for Dick and I. We were told that Kevin will be moved to one of the larger rooms as soon as one is open--hopefully soon! All of the isolation rooms have a special ventilation device that circulates and filters air with total air exchange every 10 minutes. This reduces the germs and dust particles carried in the air. The door to Kevin's room has to be kept closed at all times. Kevin has to remain in the room except for brief trips for necessary tests. When leaving the room he has to wear a white filter mask. If he needs chest x-rays, they will bring the mobile unit to his bed. His room will be cleaned daily. During his process and for 10 minutes after, he has to wear the filter mask to protect against dust particles.

After multiple consultations with specialists and nurses from the unit today, the high flow hydration has begun. It is running at 250 ml/hr and will continue at this rate for 6 days to flush his system from the chemo. If Kevin isn't able to void at least 500 ml every 2 hours, they will be giving him Lasix (a diuretic) to facillitate the process. I'm sure there will be a permanent path worn into the linoleum between his bed and his bathroom before this is over. The loading doses of anti-nausea medications are on board, and the first chemo dose will be started shortly. They also started prophylactic anti-virals to hopefully prevent shingles from recurring, as well as some broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Dick and I will be staying at the Sheraton tonight since we can't get into the Ronald McDonald House yet. Hopefully we will be in there be the end of the week. Kevin is remaining positive and still has his sense of humor. He is committed to see this through so he can have his life back. And he will be victorious!!