Nye's Polonaise

May 4th, 2007 - 8:36am by Slye Fox

Alright -- this damn place has been my haunt for years. My ex-wife and I first went there back in 2002 for dinner one night and I've been returning ever since. I started by sitting at the piano bar for a year, joining in while others sang. I sang "Love Me Tender" once with Walt before he passed away and then became one of the Nye's fixtures as Jon De Vaal made it his home.

Along with Jon, I got to know everyone and everyone knew me. I really enjoyed the fact that I could walk in and people knew who I was and invited me to sit down and join them. It definitely was my home away from home. Between 2003 and 2005, I was there at a minimum of two nights a week and usually more. Always spending at least $25 or more. My quickbooks tally of how much I've spent at Nye's is scary to look at.

Then Nye's fucked up. They got rid of Jon. Most of my new friends and I followed him to his new venues. And still do. We boycotted Nye's for a long time in retaliation. But the place's pull proved too strong after a while and we returned. We met more friends and Mike and Lou continued to entertain us. My appreciation and love for the place returned and again it felt like home.

I figured I owed this place a lot. I'd hooked up with all but one of my girlfriends there (maybe that's why I'm as well off as I am now, Jen was that one) and most of my good friends I've found there. Since I build websites for people, I went ahead and built a new Nye's website in their great kitchy 60's style. I even started a Nye's myspace page. Within a week, the myspace page had 50 friends and was growing. I did it all for free and wrote a lengthy letter to the owner expaining why I had done so and that I did it in appreciation for the fruitful experience I enjoyed at the place and expected no compensation.

He wrote back with a seize and desist. Demanding immediate removal of both the website and myspace site saying they already were working on a new site and myspace page and will release them soon. That was well over a year ago and there is still no website or myspace page. Thanks for the kudos, man.

During all of this time, I've had this website -- goobertech. I've had my camera along on most visits and have gleefully taken pictures of everyone and anyone brave enough to dare the Nye's microphone. I've never had anyone give a shit about having their picture taken and if it was a stranger, I usually gave them my card so they could find their pic online. Given -- I probably irritated some people with my flash at times -- but over all, the response to my picture taking was definitely positive.

Then last night, after hanging out with Jon De Vaal and friends at our re-made piano bar -- I went to Nye's to redrown sorrows and croon a few songs. The camera came with like usual. It was a typical Nye's night until the manager-de-noir came up to me to tell me I couldn't take pictures at Nye's anymore. Excuse me? What are you talking about?

But she was very clear in relating that "Nye's staff" wasn't comfortable with my picture taking and that I shouldn't do it any more. Sure. And I guess it took 5 years for "Nye's staff" to come to that realization. And never mind the other 3 people taking pictures that night that they didn't have a problem with. Yeah. Fuck you, Nye's. Thanks for making that special rule just for me. Stick it up your ass.

So I guess Nye's is out now. It's a shame, it really was a great place -- full of atmosphere and still populated with good friends. But I'm not going to go there and be made to feel guilty for taking pictures. Believe me, I've no plans on showing up there any time soon -- if ever -- and if I do happen to walk in the door again, you can be sure I'll ignore their new "on-the-spot" camera policy.

January 25, 2008 - 10:05am
Slye Fox says:

So just a small update -- notice how many pictures I've taken at Nyes since then? Quite the double standard rule here. I've even got a bigger and brighter rig now.