Time Negotiation

May 2nd, 2007 - 7:57pm by Mom

Time is running away from me this past week. Knowing that most of May I will be at Abbott with Kevin is requiring huge revamping of work demands. To try to free up a month away from my job is a monumental task and calls for much tactical skill and creativity. It is difficult to free my work calendar even for planned vacations which are (sadly) of a much shorter duration. I am tentatively planning on spending 5 days/wk at Abbott, and 2 days/wk at work while Kevin in inpatient--but much will depend on how he is doing. Dick will also be with us at Abbott for much of the time. At this point I just want to GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD--or as the Larry the Cable Man says "Git-r done". Kevin is feeling better with a bit more energy since his blood transfusion last week. His counts are looking better then they have in a quite a while. No, Dusty, he isn't quite up to the rock picking caliber yet--but then I'm really not sure if he ever was! City kids have a different classification of "work", and I doubt that rock picking would meet the criteria!

Tomorrow we meet with Dr. Flynn at Abbott so we will know more what to expect after that meeting. I'll let you know more specifics r/t the transplant and sequence of events in the next few days.