Brother Badger

April 18th, 2007 - 1:55pm by Slye Fox
Tags: Badger prison

In case you haven't clicked there yet (or recently), check out the Badger Blog. I've just finished transcribing all of my brother's letters from prison that describe life down at the Waseca Federal Pen. In addition, I've done some minor tweaks to the site overall to make the blog-reading easier. Now there are "next entry" and "previous entry" links at the bottom of all blog posts that go directly to the next entry in that specific blog. (Give me credit for this, it was hard to code without screwing up other site functions.)

The Badger is scheduled to be released next Christmas and I think it's clear from his letters that he's a changed person. But then again, I'm his older brother and am probably biased. At any rate, he certainly has matured considerably and I'm anxious to have him back. The world out here has changed a lot since his hibernation -- he has no experience with the internet, email, text messaging, blogs, etc. Not to mention the advances in other technology that have changed our lives in the past couple of years. It'll no doubt be a challenge to become up to date with the new jargon and trends of the day.

And feel free to add your own comments or additions to any of his blog entries. I'll be sure to forward them on using the new google-paper system and snail-mail.