Technology Marches On

April 13th, 2007 - 1:00pm by Badger

Thanks a lot for that Snow Crash book. It's kind of funny that you sent it when you did because I'd just finished reading as interesting article about the second life virtual reality world in a magazine called Wired. The article mentioned that book and how the second life thing was a pretty close example of the Metaverse in Snow Crash -- written what -- 15 years ago? Have you checked out this second life deal? Do you need VR goggles and stuff to go into it? I didn't really get most of how it worked, but it sounded kind of neat.

This magazine, Wired, that I've been getting from a buddy of mine has a lot of cool shit in it. Gadgets and stuff coming up in all sorts of different fields. I was reading about a treatment that they're developing for cancer (breast cancer, I think) called microbubbles, that they can use to target only cancer cells instead of teasing up the whole body like the chemo is doing to Kevin. How cool is that?! I don't understand the details of 90% of the stuff I'm reading, and I'm going to be completely lost when I get out, but hopefully I'll pick it all up quick. Of course, being able to use cutting edge computer programs like Excel 2003 at work will help keep me up to date. (I nearly choked on my own sarcasm for a second there!)

Anyways, that's still 20 months away. How's everything going with you? The pictures and blogs that Mom's been sending me off your website are great. Especially enjoyed the "Rules of Sid."

Not much is going on for me in here. I'm looking forward to actually having a little time to go outside this summer since I stopped making cards. I do one or two caricatures a week, but I just got burnt out making the same cards over and over again. At least the caricatures are all different and fun to do. I've also been running, doing abs class, and just started yoga -- so I'm keeping pretty busy. That's why it's taken me 3 days to write this extremely short letter. Well, that and the fact that not much worth writing about goes on here. In fact, I'm about out of stuff to say.

Thanks again for the book -- it was a good read. Hope everything is going good for you out there.

April 18, 2007 - 12:17pm
Slye Fox says:

After reading the book, I heard about "Second Life", too. Yup - checked it out. Yup - sucks ass pretty bad. It's just a 3D rendered world like any video game out there now a-days. No VR goggles needed, but they would be compatible. (The difference in video games from before you went in to when you get out will astound you.) Second Life is mostly a badly rendered virtual place for juvenile hormone driven teens to wank to sexy chat and naked 3D chicks. Like Napolean Dynamite's brother: "Don't be jealous of me 'cause I've been chatting online with hot babes all day."

It might take off, but it's certainly a long way from the Metaverse as described in Snow Crash or from gaining popularity from anyone besides albino sys-admins and horny teen geeks. I've had more fun playing Feed the Ducks on Strong Bad's site.

As to catching up -- indeed, you'll have much work to do, young Badger-walker. Mostly I think the biggest challenge will be jargon and trends. They change daily and without internet access, one is simply clueless and left behind.