Beginning of a New Year and the Shower Shitter

January 7th, 2005 - 1:00pm by Badger

Sorry it's been so long since I've written, but I haven't had much energy of late and I've slipped into the habit of putting everything off -- besides not much happens in here that's worth putting on paper.

How was your Christmas/New Years? Mom sent some pictures she dubbed off the video camera from Christmas -- it looked like quite the get together. I also finally got to see a picture of this Joy I've been hearing so much about. She's quite the good looking woman (blurry and from the side not withstanding, ha ha ha.) You've been seriously remiss in not keeping me updated on the pictures -- so wath out when I get out next decade! Just kidding. Seriously though, from what Mom says she sounds like a great girl -- I'm happy for you.

What did you do for New Years -- anything fun? I slept most of the day -- played some poker -- and started drawing a new picture (my cartoon parody of hell complete with: Dilbert's boss in a Lake of Fire with a pitchfork -- a soccer-mom shooting range, Satan's Beer & Bowl, Minigolf, the Afterworld Motel and RV Park, and others -- the perfect underworld vacation spot!)

I had my PSI a couple of days ago. It went pretty well; they asked about family, past jobs, criminal history and stuff. The interviewer seemed pretty concerned with the psych stuff I've got going on, which will work in my favor -- but he did say that I was looking at a lot of time because of my past. So I'm pretty sure that it's going to come back as "career criminal". If it does, I'll probably go to a jury trial to try and prove auto theft is not a crime of violence -- I'm actually pretty confident about my chances. The good thing about getting my PSI finally done is it's one step closer to getting to prison.

The fast I get to prison the better. For one thing, the job I had dealing poker at the casino dried up because one of my partners ostracized everyone from the table. So now instead of being able to support myself with that income, I'm back to have to depend on Mom for money to get hygiene and batteries and coffee and stuff -- which really is something I had hoped I wouldn't have to do. I already feel bad enough about all the stuff I mooched off of her in the past. Also, they recently caught one of the Muslims s@&*ing in the shower. This is something that's been happening once a month or so ever since I've been here, so I'm glad they finally caught and punished someone for doing it, but I can't wait to get to a place where crap like that doesn't happen. (No pun intended!) In prison, if you tried something like that, you'd get stabbed -- from what I've heard.

Other than that, not much is happening in here. Fights are trending down. We used to have one a week or so, but it's been almost a month without one. Food's still repugnant. We're having brake pads (a 1/2 inch slab of appetizing grey soy-meat loaf) and a cold potato clumps with withered salad tonight. Yum yum. I'm also starting to look like that guy off the movie "Powder" due to lack of natural light.

Well, take care of yourself. Right me back when you get some spare time.