Chemo begins again

April 9th, 2007 - 6:45pm by Mom

The last 2 holdouts put up a good fight, but they were no match for the grenade juice. They have now joined their predecessors under their crusty haven, which means it is a go for the chemo to commence tomorrow. Needless to say, Kevin isn't exactly wagging his tail in anticipation. However, the sooner we can start it, the sooner it will be over. IT IS THE LAST CYCLE of the pre-transplant regimen. Let's get this show on the road!! Kevin is steadfastly conquering each hurdle of his treatment protocol and will be heading into the home stretch after this cycle is completed! Of course, what is still ahead will be very challenging for him, but it is easier to prevail when you know the end is in sight. His labs were good today--hopefully that will help fortify him through the first toxic waste cocktail tomorrow.

I hope all of you had a great Easter and were blessed with a chocolate bunny and an egg or two. Chocolate is not a highly sought after commodity in our house, since none of us likes it--well, the curly headed bunny does but he has the willpower to stay away from it. Now caramel, on the other hand, is on the top of the treasure pedestal. Everything in life is made easier with a touch of caramel!

I attended a different Easter Service then the norm this year and really enjoyed it. The music was great--upbeat and straight from the heart. The message was good and to the point, and the fellowship afterwards was inviting and friendly. The whole atmosphere was very comfortable and meaningful. It provided a nice variety from the traditional service I attended on Good Friday. But both helped to put things in perspective for me. We will all only be here for a short moment in time and it will include trials, but a greater reward awaits us.