Best 80's movies ever!

April 7th, 2007 - 1:14pm by Slye Fox

I have lots of great 80's flicks, like The Breakfast Club, Big Trouble in Little China and The Princess Bride to name a few. But today I'm now the proud "owner" of two of the best:


I'm extra excited about this one, because it's not available on DVD. I ordered it from a French-Canadian pirate seller from this site. He must've dubbed it from VHS with some fancy tools. The quality is great. And it came with the soundtrack! My buddies and I used to rent this at least once a week and try to simulate the BMX tricks in our sprog years. Then we'd watch the "Thriller" video that was at the end of the tape.


The Ice Pirates

This Star Wars spoof never fails to make me laugh. I recall giggling with Dad at the frog lady and the space herpes and all the other ridiculousness that the movie commands. It's recently been added to the Netflix family, so if you haven't seen it yet -- by all means enlighten yourself.

Then check out the gallery page, cause there're six new albums to peek at.