Rogue Pustules

April 5th, 2007 - 8:57pm by Mom

Kevin had another follow up with Dr. Melloy at CentraCare today to make sure we had the Shingles scoundrels on the road to defeat. For the most part, they were blowing the retreat bugle and cowering in fear as they burrowed under their crusty shells. However, there remained 2 arrogant rogue pustules on Kevin's palm that have yet to lay down their arms. Because of these 2 fiends, after consultation with Dr. Bendel, it was decided the IV grenades need to continue through Monday. Labs will be drawn on Monday and the Option Care nurse will check to make sure these 2 last holdouts have also been stomped down below their crusty domiciles. If so, the 4th round of chemo will commence on Tuesday.

Dr. Bendel said the risk is too high to do chemo before all of the pustules are crusted over. Kevin is getting very tired of the IV treatments every 8 hours, but at least with the home pumps (they really do look like little grenades), he doesn't have to carry around the CAD pump wherever he goes--these little babies can be put in his sweatshirt pocket for the hour it takes to infuse (just like a kangaroo in a pouch!) The nerve pain is nearly all gone, and Kevin is feeling better than he did earlier this week--even has a bit more energy.

His Irish cowboy head--wrangler cousin, Dugan, is visiting this evening. Dugan never stops talking and is always smiling which makes him a much a better medicine then the grenade juice. They just left to take in a movie since Kevin is still enjoying the perk of free movies for him and a friend at Parkwood. This is quite wonderful since Kevin hasn't been able to work as their projectionist since his diagnosis in the beginning of January. The people at the theater have always been so supportive of him--both in 2005 when he was battling Hodgkin's for the first time and again now. Thanks so much to everyone for the cards, guestbook entries, and e-mails of encouragement and support. They continue to uplift us and keep us going--especially Kevin!!