The Battle Continues

April 2nd, 2007 - 9:57pm by Mom

Kevin had a follow-up apt. at CentraCare today to ensure the Shingles villain is responding to the IV medication. The blisters on his palm are still large and nasty, but the rash around the elbow and back is starting to dry up--so the IV medication will continue every 8 hrs with another follow-up on Thursday. Dr. Melloy is also consulting with Dr. Bendel--we'll find out on Thursday if Kevin will be able to start the 4th round this coming Monday. Hopefully everything will be a go!

Kevin is really fatigued these last few days with the Shingles pain and cancer treatment in general. His attitude continues to be positive--he just doesn't have any energy. He enjoyed visiting with family from Dick's side on Saturday and watching Kyleigh perform in the State High School Color Guard Competition at Halenbeck Hall at SCSU. Kevin's step nephew, Nic, has just completed treatment for a relapse of Neuroblastoma and is now in total remission. They have always been close, but now share an even greater bond--one current and one soon to be CANCER SURVIVOR!!! They are both a constant source of inspiration to everyone around them!

Kevin received another call from Josh from Hope Kids today with an offer to attend the Twins opener tonight as a guest in a box suite with complimentary food. Kevin has always wanted to go to a Twins game and would have loved this, but told Josh he just wasn't feeling well enough to go--just felt too fatigued. Kevin did tell Josh he would love to take a rain check and go to a home game before his transplant, since he will then be out of commission for quite some time. I'm sure if within his power, Josh will make this happen. He has already allowed Kevin to escape reality for some wonderful fun nights--brief sojourns from this difficult path he needs to traverse.

I am not a vindictive person, and do not believe in torture--but I would not mind seeing these brutal beasties boiling in oil! In fact, I would like nothing better then to dangle each little beastie cell by a string over the bubbling cauldron and lower them in slowly--savoring their agonizing demise as they are being incinerated! How's that for a mother's revenge!