A New Rash

March 29th, 2007 - 9:10pm by Mom

When I came home from work yesterday evening, Kevin showed me a rash that has mysteriously appeared below his left elbow. Me thinks he was just getting bored and thought this would be a great diversion! However, today the rash was progressively worse. Option Care came this afternoon to draw labs, and gave a preliminary diagnosis which I agree with. They called Dr. Bendel, who in turn set up an apt for Kevin to be seen at CentraCare tomorrow. I will hold off on sharing the suspected diagnosis until it is confirmed, but it appears Kevin will have another nasty fiend to battle in his upward climb to victory. Just because he has been able to jump all of the hurdles thrown at him so far, doesn't mean they have to keep getting longer and higher!!

On a brighter note, Josh from Hope Kids called Kevin today with a wonderful offer--a suite reserved for him and a guest at the Xcel Energy Center for the Blue Man Group concert tomorrow night. From what I'm told, I am the only mama out there that has never heard of this band--I must lead a very sheltered existence! But Kevin was thrilled and very excited to have this opportunity. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that he will be able to go--depending on the outcome of the appointment tomorrow.