Snowmen in the attic (finally!)

March 23rd, 2007 - 9:25pm by Mom

It is a sad day at the Weisenberger household--or at least by 1/3 of it. The other 2/3 shared by Weisenberger/Fuchs is rejoicing as the last of the boxes are hefted up to the garage attic. I prolonged their stay as long as possible, but with the last of the snow disappearing, I had to retire my beloved snowmen to their summer hibernation abode. As if to drive home the point, I saw 2 robins this morning--a sure sign that spring has sprung. So I knew I couldn't put it off any longer--time to replace the snowmen with the birds that are ready to migrate upstairs from their winter closet home.

Kevin has a bit more energy today--and his cell counts have improved. His WBC's have come up from 100 to 400, hemoglobin was up to 8.1, and platelets were up also. Hopefully they will continue climbing in the northerly direction so we can start the harvesting on Monday.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy some time outdoors today--what a wonderful spring day! If you are a member of the working class, as I am, here's hoping you at least were able to work next to a window! Remember to value each day--especially when it is as grand as today--because you will never have it back!