Down the stairs, through the door, into bed

March 22nd, 2007 - 8:22pm by Mom

Well 6 hrs and 2 units later, Kevin is home and out like a light bulb. He hopefully will have more energy after he awakes from the dead--at least be able to go up a half flight of stairs without panting. He was having a lot of discomfort during the transfusion with elbow and knee joint pain and cramping. They were not totally sure if it was residual from the last chemo, triggered by the GCSF, or r/t the blood infusion--but large doses of Ativan seemed to do the trick by sending him to dreamland. I don't think he even remembers the ride home or crawling into his comfy bed. But sleep is the best thing for him right now.

The WBC count was down to 100 today--has not started coming up yet since the start of the GCSF on Saturday. But I was told today that it isn't unusual for it to take this long to start rising, even with the large doses of GCSF that Kevin is taking. The labs this Sunday will determine if they have come up high enough to start the harvesting on Monday, or if we need to wait another day.

This past Tuesday on the WCCO 10:00 pm news on channel 4, there was a segment about Dr. P.J. Flynn and new CA trial medications and treatments which he is actively involved in--mostly for breast CA patients. Dr. P.J. Flynn is Kevin's transplant oncologist at Abbott. He is a true Irishman and full of Irish jokes! His humor is a definite asset for his oncology patients. After all, laughter is the best medicine there is--and also the cheapest!