Hilton Weekend without Paris

March 8th, 2007 - 4:39pm by Mom

The Miracle of Mitch Foundation is dedicated to providing quality of life assistance to children living with cancer and their families in MN. It offers a miracle weekend consisting of a 2-room/2-night stay at the Airport Hilton and fun activities at the Mall of America. A social worker from Children's hospital contacted us about this a few weeks ago, but the biggest problem was trying to fit it in before Kevin's transplant and during a time when he is feeling well enough to enjoy it. She was able to pull it all together for this weekend since we will be in the cities on Friday anyway and before the start of round 3 on Monday. Kevin has invited some of his Johnny buddies to enjoy the experience with him. I think we should post the following warning on the doors of all guests adjoining their room:

Do not be alarmed if you hear the following sounds between the hours of 6pm to 6am--loud noises, loud voices, bumps, thumps, scrapes, screams, clanking, banging, flushing, grunting. Only call 911 if all becomes suddenly quiet, unless this is after 6am which means they are finally asleep!

Another quandary was Kevin's central line and could he go swimming with it. The risk involves picking up an infection at the line site from bacteria in the water that could easily go to his heart. After much discussion today, Dr. Bendel will allow Kevin to go in the pool as long as we have the central line site and both lumens totally encased with a large tegaderm transparent dressing and as soon as he is out of the pool, the dressing needs to be changed, the site cleaned with disinfectant, and Kevin has to shower. The one disappointment was that they wouldn't allow him to go in a hot tub because of the increased bacteria in that warm moist environment. So he won't be able to use the whirlpool, but can go in the big pool--better then nothing. Life is full of concessions!

After leaving Abbott and Children's tomorrow afternoon, we'll head to the Airport Hilton for 2 days of fun and relaxation with NO thoughts of the big "C" word allowed!!!