Tests on the Horizon

March 7th, 2007 - 8:11pm by Mom

Even though the MN Wild lost the hockey game, Kevin still had a good time and especially enjoyed the overnight and day today back in his old dorm with all of his Johnny friends. He attended his Honors Symposium class today and reconnected with his buddies and support system there. It is just the fortification he needs before heading into this next 3rd round battlefield.

This Friday is a day of tests to determine how the cancer is responding to all of the toxic waste being pumped into Kevin's system--need to see if we have the beasties on the run. If not, we will have to up the ante with stronger chemo--adding a 3rd evil potion. Kevin has labs and a PET Scan at Abbott in the morning. Then we'll be meeting again with the transplant coordinator followed by a CT Scan and meeting with Dr. Bendel at Children's. It will be another long day, but a fun w/e is on the horizon. I'll let you know about it tomorrow.