Hope Foundation

March 6th, 2007 - 7:57pm by Mom

The mission of the Hope Foundation is to keep hope alive in kids undergoing cancer treatment. For many kids who had a wish granted from the Make-A-Wish Foundation--as Kevin did in 2005--the anticipation and joy surrounding the wish gives them renewed energy to battle their dreadful disease. Or in Kevin's words in 2005; "It brought light to a bad situation and a smile to me face!" For former Make-A-Wish recipients whose cancer treatment extends into years or who suffer a relapse, they no longer have anything to look forward too. It is for these kids that the Hope Foundation was born. It doesn't grant another large wish, but instead provides fun activities on a smaller but more frequent scale designed to keep hope alive. When someone is anticipating a special event, it takes their mind off of their grueling treatments. The age limit for a Hope Kid is l8, but they made an exception for Kevin and have provided tickets for him and a friend to attend the MN Wild Hockey game tonight at the Excel Energy Center. Kevin went with his Johnny roommate, Marcus. Thank you, Joshua (from Hope Kids) for providing a happy reprieve for a battle weary soul!