Chemo Honeymoon

March 5th, 2007 - 9:00am by Mom

We are in the honeymoon phase of the chemo cycle again, and will enjoy it while it lasts. This is the time when the nasty side effects of the last poison round diminish, and life gets back to semi-normalcy. The 2nd week after leaving the hospital is a brief sojourn before it all starts again. There are some effects that no longer are falling by the wayside between cycles--constant fatigue, constant nasal drainage, muscle aches, and ext. Kevin's taste buds also change during each cycle and it takes about a week after completion for the "chemo taste" to leave allowing food to taste normal again. The paradox of this phase is that it is also difficult because with the benefits of physically feeling better comes the desire to do all of the things that your friends are doing, and then the realization that you can't.

Kevin has always been an avid snowboarder. Every snowboarders dream is fresh powder covering the slopes during winter break! Well all of the necessary ingredients came together this past week with two fresh snowfalls and it is winter break for SJU. But this year, the only snowboarding Kevin is able to enjoy is in his dreams. These dreams will have to fortify him until he can live them next winter!