Thanks for the letter (and pics)!

August 15th, 2004 - 1:00pm by Badger

What's going on, Bro? Thanks for your letter! I really appreciate your sharing all the things that you did. I know now what you mean when you say that your life is so much more fulfilling when you tell the truth. Even from just the guys in here, when I tell them I'm in here for stealing $3600 and that I did because I had pissed off everyone who ever cared about me and I had simply given up on my life - they respect me for it! It's a good feeling not to have to remember what version of my life I've told to what person, and it's a really good feeling to know that you and Mom and Kevin are there for me.

Those pictures you sent almost caused a riot - especially the hot tub photo from Lutsen! I had to beat the guys off with a stick. Our windows are frosted so we can't see outside, hanging up your pictures in the cell really lightened the place up. A ficus tree and some track lighting and I'll be set to go!! Ha, ha. Thanks for the pictures, and send some more!

I'm proud of you, man. Your living a really great life - and you got there on your merit. Sounds like you've got a great girl too! I'm really happy for you! I was just telling the guys the other day, it's like your part of a novel or a movie or something. Highrise apartment, world travel, fashion model/brain surgeon/philosopher girlfriend. With a rich, gay roommate, a brother in prison, and a flannel shirt with a carpenters belt - you could have a hell of a sit-com! Home Improvement meets Will and Grace meets Arrested Development; think about it, ha ha!!!

Hey, I really appreciate you and Mom and Kevin writing me letters, but the more letters the merrier, and a guy has certain needs when the only female contact over the next 10 or so years is the occasional pat down. (The female swimming and gymnastic events in the Olympics have suddenly become a lot more interesting) :) So I was wondering if you could put me on one of those prison pen pal websites (only if it's free) - something to the tune of lonely white lingerie model seeks lonely white convict with bondage fetish things. Hook me up if you can, man!

Sorry it's taken so long for me to write back, but I had a list of people to write - Mike & Deb, Dennis & Kathy, Rose, Kevin, Mom, Harold Weihoff, 2 U.S. Senators, some newspapers, and a U.S. Magistrate - so I've been busy.

The jail has taken away one of our meals on the weekends, forcing us to go 17 1/2 hours without food from Friday night to Sat. morning, and again Sat. night to Sunday morning, so I printed up a letter for Mom to send out to the Senators, the papers, and the ACLU. Cross your fingers and hope we can get something changed, cause it sucks going 3/4 of a day without getting fed - especially for the guys that can't afford commissary.

Well that's about it from the wonderful world of Sherburne county jail! I hope to hear from you soon, and keep those pictures coming! Even if it's just a cool landscape that you pulled off the internet! Tell everyone I said "Hi!" and have some fun for me!!