Plan A or Plan B?

February 23rd, 2007 - 7:58pm by Mom

Well the tours and consults are over, but now we are more confused and undecided then ever--and decision time is very near! I wish we could take some parts of both facilities and combine them and then go there. And no, even though Kevin was keeping a sharp eye out for the unit with the topless nurses, it was quite elusive and we never did find it. Otherwise the decision would have been easy and made immediately since the 2 males in our group outnumbered the 1 female (me).

We did find out that it will be even more involved then we had anticipated, and if we go with the University Kevin will not be able to leave the metro area for 2-4 months. 3-4 weeks would be inpatient, then outpatient with daily or every other day clinic visits for transfusions, labs, tests, and monitoring. At Abbott, the inpatient length of stay would be about the same, but they would allow much of the out patient follow up labs, transfusions, ext. to be done in St. Cloud with a homecare agency daily visit for lab draws, and transfusions at CentraCare. So that would be a big plus, but I was more impressed with the program and expertise at the University. Also, their transplant unit is bigger, and the rooms themselves are larger and nicer. We would most likely be housed at the Ronald McDonald House during the duration and there are free shuttles for transportation. The biggest worry for Dick and I is how to juggle all of this with full time jobs. If we go with the University, there has to be a care giver for Kevin at all times after he leaves the hospital for 1-2 months. I really don't know what I would do about my job since there isn't anyone in the office that can take over for me for that length of time. So there are many things to work out. We will be having another consultation with Dr. Bendel and her side-kick, Linda Madsen tomorrow morning, and then will have to decide by Monday at the latest.

Kevin will be completing his chemo tomorrow and will be able to come home with his duffle full of flushes which will run continuously for another 24 hrs. This round was much harder with increased nausea and muscle spasms. But this is to be expected as his body becomes more depleted and the toxic waste builds up in his system.

Let's hope we get home before the snowfall tomorrow, if it indeed comes.