Johnnie Support!

February 21st, 2007 - 8:38pm by Mom

As the nausea is setting in hot and heavy today, Kevin does have some good memories to cling to. On Monday evening, he went back to 4th Tommy to visit his Johnnie buddies. Fr. Rene prepared a welcome feast of fresh Johnnie bread and all the toppings. Laughs were shared and sophomore housing partners established. A new Johnnie cap was purchased to keep the chrome dome warm, and new strength found for the battle of the beasties. Thanks Fr. Rene and all the Johnnies for keeping Kevin included in your thoughts and lives! Thanks to everyone for the words of humor, support, and encouragement in your guestbook entries. I know first hand that Kevin does really appreciate and enjoy reading them and is receiving strength from them.

He really is a very remarkable young man! He has always lived his life by following some very high standards that he has imposed himself. He follows the principle that true friendship means you are accepted for what you are, not what you have. He treats his fellow man with kindness and understanding. He accepts life's challenges with strength and perseverance and continues to be an inspiration to me. He is mature beyond his years, and knows first hand how fragile life can be. Don't waste a minute! Make memories today--for you will never have today back!!