New Paint

February 17th, 2007 - 8:59pm by Mom

After about a zillion trips up and down the stairs today, we are ready to call it a night and settle down to watch a good movie. We have painters coming to paint the lower level--Kevin's computer room, bedroom, and den--this week while he is in-patient at Children's. Since fresh paint odor doesn't mix well with a system full of good old toxic waste, we needed to time it so that the new paint smell was gone before he is back home.

Things were going well with the closets emptied and boxes brought upstairs on a speedy basis, until I hit Kevin's room. He obviously didn't inherit my "throw it away" gene. Between the stars on the ceiling, posters on the wall, books, DVD's, movies, CD's, games, miles of cords, amplifiers, guitar, computer paraphernalia, desk junk, speakers on the walls, karate belts, trophies, framed certificates, and boxes of ASSORTED MISCELLANEOUS items, well, you get the picture! After all of this was boxed up and brought upstairs, it was a marvel to actually see the color of his walls!

Kevin's energy level was still very low, needing multiple rest periods--which seemed to be needed strategically when there was an unpleasant task waiting. But to be fair, he was a great help and actually agreed to throw away bunches of things that had outlived their usefulness over a century ago. We still have to dismantle his TV, tuner, DVD player, and VCR and take some shelves down tomorrow, but the majority of the task is finished. On Monday, he will be spending time with fellow Johnnies at SJU, before it is back to the hospital Tuesday. He really doesn't have much energy and has weird sensations, or lack thereof, on his left chest. He has no sensation on much of his outer left chest, and a continuous feeling of bricks rubbing together on his inner left chest. Not sure what that is all about. Maybe he just needs a dose of some good old Castor Oil to lubricate things up a bit!