Happy Valentines Day

February 14th, 2007 - 7:44pm by Mom

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!! Hopefully you have a romantic partner that fulfilled your expectations today! Romance is so wonderful and so important--in my book--to ensure a good and lasting relationship!! For all of you procrastinators out there, the florist shops are open late tonight!

We have spend the past 2 days trying to coordinate Kevin's next chemo round, stem cell harvesting, transplant facility, and ensuring funding sources for all of the above. The dates and plans have been changing hourly. Kevin's oncologist, her nurse, and the transplant insurance specialist from Children's Hospital have been having big pow-wow's which also involved many calls to me with questions and choices.

I think we have the funding worked out now that will allow us to choose between either Abbott or the University. Since Kevin will be spending a lot of time there, nearly all of it in isolation, he wants to see both facilities and then decide where he would be most comfortable. We also want to meet with the transplant teams from both hospitals to get some questions answered and get a feel as to what this journey will encompass. Fairly soon the decision will have to be made since which ever facility we choose, they need to know well in advance of Kevin actually undergoing the transplant. When Kevin is inpatient for his 5 days of chemo next week, Dr. Bendel will be discussing this more at length with all 3 of us and we will be meeting with Dr. P.J. Flynn, an oncologist transplant physician from Abbott, on Friday. So the wheels are starting to turn.