February 12th, 2007 - 8:35pm by Mom

Well, the dome is now chrome! On Saturday Kevin mentioned that he could feel that his hair roots were loosening. On Sunday, he could pull it out, so rather then doing that, he had Dick shave his head. He took this all in stride, as he as everything so far--but it made me very sad to see it go. Kevin does have a personal request that he asked me to pass along to everyone. He doesn't want anyone to fuss and muss over his bald head. This is a direct result of his memories of 2005 when he lost his hair the first time.

Many people, yours truly included, couldn't stop rubbing hands over his smooth scalp and even more so over his virgin hair when it decided to return, and would make numerous comments about how wonderful the new waves looked. I think the female gender was guiltier of this then the males, and none of us realized at the time how this irritated Kevin. So no focusing on the chrome dome, but on the person who sports it!

Both of Kevin's brothers are also sporting chrome domes as a form of brotherly solidarity. For a mother who loves hair, this needs a spoonful of sugar to help it go down! Dick--don't you even think about it!!!