Johnnies in the House

February 8th, 2007 - 8:34pm by Mom

We are back to a GOOD day!! Kevin is feeling very much better! He did need the Dilaudid through the night and today, but by this evening felt fine without it. I just hope he doesn't need to battle that pain every time he takes the Neulasta injection. For the moment I am pretending everything is normal (pre-diagnosis stage)! Kevin had some Johnnies come for a visit this evening and right now they are out enjoying themselves at TGIF--just what he needed to lift his spirits!!

As for me--I am enjoying my 10th Anniversary by myself! Since Dick left for work at 4 pm and I didn't get home tonight until 7:30, we are blowing kisses through the air waves. But my romantic, fantastic, curly headed hero did not let me down! An e-card earlier today to my office computer was blocked due to our anti-virus blocks, but it was the thought that counts. When I got home this evening, there were roses, caramels, and another card on the counter with a cheese cake in the fridge!! The word "calories" does not compute right now! It has been 10 wonderful and happy years with a guy who is my silent but stalwart rock of support and best friend! We have traveled many miles and oceans together and are looking forward to many more adventures!

But goal # 1 is to have Kevin back entrenched at the Johnnie Resort come fall!!