Florida Tornado

February 7th, 2007 - 5:29pm by Slye Fox

I'm sure you've heard of the F3 'nado that swept through Florida this last weekend. It was kind of scary since my Dad lives right there where it hit. I heard "Lady Lake" on the news and realized that Tavares is right next to that. The Badger enquires the same after realizing himself how close all this was.

I don't actually catch the news too often and so only heard about it myself a few days ago. When I tried calling Dad on Sunday, I got a "We're sorry - due to national emergency, phone service is temporarily unavailable." Well gee, that sounds promising. Not! So I left a message on Dad's cell to call me when he could.

Later that night, he called to say that the twister missed them by only five miles. You can see on the map above how close it really was. I'm glad to hear he's okay. And that his home and various life collection is unharmed as well. Although - each time I get to Florida, I try to visit New Smyrna Beach, which is exactly where the storm hit on the Atlantic. According to the news, the beach looks a little different now.

As to Rose - she and Ken live south of Apopka and really weren't too near the danger. Not that they'd've noticed as they're currently joining other relatives in Key West for sunny days on the beach. (Not a touch of jealousy in that statement at all. [cue sarcastic edge to voice]) Really - have fun guys, wish I were there.

I guess I didn't realize that tornados are pretty common in Florida. Did you know that it's the second most common place in the world for tornados to occur. Firsted only by tornado alley in the central US states. For Florida standards, though - F3 is pretty unusual. And 19 lives lost is never trivial. I hope the Floridian survivors are able to recover quickly and actually get government assistance that's a step above Katrina standards.