Mama, I'm coming home. [think Ozzy]

January 30th, 2007 - 5:27pm by Mom

I just spoke to Kevin's nurse, and HE CAN COME HOME TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! He will not be coming home unattached, however. The IV pole is like another appendage at this point. He will need another 24/hrs of fluid and MESNA flushes after he is discharged--will be sent home with an IV pump and multiple large bags to infuse. But, hey, coming home with baggage is better then not coming home at all!

Alas, the nausea monster was NOT kept at bay with the Ativan as was the hope yesterday. Kevin also had a lot of muscle cramping and spasms in his legs today--direct result of the good old toxic waste. They were going to try Celebrex this afternoon to see if it would help with the discomfort. I hope it takes the edge off so he can sleep tonight, or I should say tomorrow morning, since his age group doesn't recognize sleep time until the wee hours of the morning extended into the early afternoon.

Dick, bless his heart, will have to pick Kevin up around noon tomorrow, since I have a work meeting in Alexandria at noon and wouldn't be able to get the Mpls Children's until 4:00 or later. Kevin wasn't too thrilled to wait that long--after all, you can only count the spots on the wall so many times.