Spring cleaning early this year.

January 30th, 2007 - 3:53pm by Slye Fox

The uber-goober-laptop isn't performing all that well lately. Mostly it just sits on my desk at work and tirelessly rips dvds all day. Today - I'm trying to burn 3 new movies and have made 6 coasters. Dammit anyway! Nothing is different since two days ago when it worked fine and I know it's not my dvd media. So since startup has slacked down to about 10 minutes (time for at least 3 ice ages), it's time to start with a blank slate. Thank goodness for the backup harddrive.

First order of business is XP2000, screw this "Vista" crap. If my software allowed it, I wouldn't use windows at all. No fuggin office suite this time around either. I haven't used that god-awful set of malware for at least a year. Then it's NOD32 to keep the viruses out, upgrades to the latest service packs, and some anti-spyware/adware stuff. Internet explorer will be supressed and firefox will proudly take it's place. Then the core suite of web-software I use: Photoshop, Illustrator & Dreamweaver. Then last but not least, the Dvd-ware that builds my collection. DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter along with AnyDVD by Slysoft.

With a squeeky clean box, we'll see how those last 3 behave. I think that most of the problem is probably just residuals stuck in the reg files and other back alleys of the windows system. I liken windows to one of those morbidly obese people that can't get themselves out of bed anymore. There are all kinds of nasty hiding places between all those skin folds and they don't get cleaned out to often. It's a breeding ground for all kinds of left-over program bits and bugs.

So on with the insta-diet of a fresh reformat and install.

January 30, 2007 - 5:08pm
Slye Fox says:

P.S. Rabbit -

I'm going to take off the eye-patch temporarily and actually purchase NOD32 this time around.

[pauses for decline in gasps of surprise.]

It's only $40 and the version I got from you actually has a trojan hiding in it. Anyway...

Keep your eye's (eye) peeled for the Adobe Photoshop CS3, though. Next time you're torrenting.

February 1, 2007 - 5:39pm
Slye Fox says:

Ooooh - new box, new box. Startup has gone from 10 minutes to about 20 seconds. :) :) :)

Follow the tweak guide and make your version of XP behave. Now let's see if I can keep the ol' gooberbox running so efficiently.