Beasties on the Run

January 29th, 2007 - 11:26am by Mom

We are on day 3 of chemo without any catastrophes--that has to be a new record! The nausea buggers have started to form their battlefields and donned their armaments, but with the assist of yet another anti-emetic (Ativan), they were forced into a hasty retreat. Hopefully the "little beasties" are responding as well to the toxic waste Kevin's body is so cordially hosting.

Dick, Kevin, and I received an envelope today that had a wonderful surprise in it from the zany Olmschenk/Flanders/Illies/McDonald clan! Dick was very happy and relieved to know that he doesn't have to push the car back and forth to the cities any longer--even though the exercise was good, he says he'd rather get in on the golf course. Thanks all of you! We are SO lucky to be a part of such a loving, wacky, and supportive family! I know Kevin has inherited enough of my stubborn and persevering Olmschenk genes to triumph over this most formidable adversary--especially with your support and humor cheering him on!

January 29, 2007 - 11:24pm
Slye Fox says:

The uber-secret surprise is a couple of gift certificates. It is nice indeed to have such a thoughtful loving extended family. Thanks guys.