Chemo Starts Again

January 27th, 2007 - 3:50pm by Mom

The first round is running and so far Kevin is tolerating it fairly well with little nausea. It was started this morning, and they are running an anti-emetic (to prevent nausea) along with MESNA (to reduce the effects of bladder and liver damage) along with Ifosfamide--all for 24/hrs. The 2nd chemo drug, Vinorelbine is an IV push that Kevin gets on day 1 and 5--too potent to get it closer together. This is the 5 day cycle. It should be completed by Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully he can come home either Wednesday evening or Thursday. He is really getting sick of being in the hospital--has become somewhat of a permanent fixture here. He continues to have some chest pain, but they are taking chest x-rays every day and they have been looking good. He also continues to have an elevated temp--on again and off again. They took some more blood cultures, but the first ones were all negative. They are also running an IV antibiotic since there is something causing the temps and diaphoresis (sweating). But all in all, he is doing MUCH better then the first part of the week.

I keep looking at his lovely head of hair, since he will not have it much longer--will start coming out after this first round. Dick and I will be going home this evening--I really feel like I need about a year of sleep! Hopefully now we can get into a regular schedule with the chemo rounds and hospitalizations, so it will be easier to juggle work schedules, home schedules, and trips back and forth. Things are definitely looking up!