Mira's Birthday!

January 25th, 2007 - 5:13pm by Slye Fox

Today Mira is 5! Immediately upon waking us up (so we don't miss any birthday minutes), she asked if she looked any taller. Cause we all know we only do our growing while we sleep on the night before our birthday.

She was much excited to wear the birthday crown at school today and bring treats for all the other kids to share. Mira is wearing her new "My dog can beat up your dog" T-shirt with a portrait of Sid on the front and is very much prepared for her special role today. She said, "I'm going to tell all the kids that it's my birthday." So I'm sure everyone in the tri-county area is aware of this fact by now. :)

Later today, we'll go out to the Olive Garden for noodles (one of Mira's favorite places for such), and then visit the Rabbit in the hospital. Tomorrow, we've big plans with Todd, Jessica and Emily to see Elmo live at the Target Center. Then on Sunday, we'll forgo our normal brunch with Bob schedule and have a big Chuck-E-Cheese galla event with all of Mira's rugrat compatriates. Look for lotsa new pics in the gallery soon!