Pain Relief at His Fingertips

January 24th, 2007 - 8:53am by Mom

When Dick and I got back to the hospital this morning, Kevin's nurse told us he had a rough night--so instead of trying to keep on top of his pain with timed doses of Duodenal, Dr. Bendel ordered an infusion pump which Kevin can control himself. It has a base dose of Duodenal which is continuous, plus every 30 minutes Kevin can give himself a boost of pain medication if he needs it. This is a more effective delivery of pain medication because it is consistent and eliminates the peaks and valleys of a medication push every 3 hours. So hopefully that will keep him more comfortable.

He also started running a temp again this afternoon, so blood cultures were taken to determine which nasty bug has infiltrated his system. Results will take 24 hrs--after which they should be able to attack the nasty buggers with the appropriate antibiotics. His chest tubes were draining well and the hope is that they can be removed in another 3-4 days. The chest x-ray this morning looked GOOD--a dramatic difference between this film and the last one before the surgery. So, things are slowly starting to look up!

Kevin is starting to sprout some long wispy hair on his chin and has the beginning of a mustache. He says that since he is going to lose it anyway when he starts chemo, he's decided to retire his razor.

Thanks everyone for the guestbook entries and words of support, encouragement, wisdom, and humor! It brightens Kevin's day to hear from all of you!