All these letters are starting to feel like work.

January 3rd, 2007 - 1:00pm by Badger

Hey - I have no idea what's going on with that bill from Sweetwater County either. It says I was booked in their jail from Feb 13, '06 to Feb 17, '06, which is a pretty neat trick considering I've been here since July of '05 and in Sherburne for 14 weeks before that. The only thing I could think of is bills from my stay there in '99 -- I had a wisdom tooth removed and then the socket got infected. Plus I was on 10 mg of Valium, an antibiotic for the tooth, prozac (can't remember the dose) and I think onr other drug while I was there. I don't remember when I started faking those, I think it was in like December of '99 and went until I got out in March. Anyways, if they wanted to bill me for that stuff, you'd think they would have tried a little sooner than 7 odd years after the fact. So what I did is I wrote to this Lt. Titus and explained that doe to the fact that I've been in Federal Custody for the last 2 1/2, that there was no way I would be able to pay it anytime soon. I told him to track down where the mistake was made and to contact me about it. I don't plan on contacting my counselor about this for 2 reasons. If someone is using my name and was booked into the county jail in February, Lt. Titus should cancel the bill once he checks the fact that I'm in prison. But, if this is a bill that's been carried over for the last seven years and I should actually pay it, I don't want the BOP to know about it because they will put a hold on me (like they did for South Dakota) and force me to pay it before I get halfway house. If the bill is accurate, I will decide to pay it or not, and when to do so once I get out and find out what my priorities are. I'm pretty sure that this is not for a fine or anything, so ignoring them for the next few years is not going to have any criminal ramifications, unlike South Dakota. And frankly if you've waited 7 years to contact me, you can wait a few more while I figure out where my money needs to go. So until I hear back from Lt. Titus, that's kind of where I'm sitting. I can always add this to my UNICOR withdrawals if they really want to press the issue, but I'm definitely not eager to.

I'm glad everyone liked their pictures. I simply wish that I would have been able to come up with more original scenes for you and Ryan. Yours is a direct copy of a Christmas card I saw last year and Ryan's is really close to a direct copy from a regular artist's work. Kevin's is the only true original. But if I've got time this summer, I'm going to try some original non-caricature pictures. And at least the ones I sent you look nice.

As far as the new job goes, it's the same hours, same uniform, same factory, same prison, etc. But it's probably the closest thing to a real job that someone in prison can get. At least I have to think, and do some minor problem solving and my day has a possibility of being somewhat interesting. This is much better than just snip, snip, snip all day long. On the downside, I lost about a hundred bucks this month (Dec. - due to the fact the business gets no overtime, and will lose almost the same in January.) But after that OT is over and I'm better off than I would be on the trim table.

I'm glad you guys got the check I mailed. Opening an account in my name is good because it will give me some bank history, and negligible interest while I'm in without screwing up Kevin's financial aid or you guys' stuff. But when I get close to getting out, you'll have to clear out and close the account because otherwise whatever I have in it will be taken to help pay probation expenses, mandatory counseling, halfway house, and whatever. Generally if you have any money saved from your prison stay, whether it's on the books here or in somewhere they can reach out there, the Feds will take it. Where as if you're broke, you can generally get a lot more of that after-prison stuff paid for.