Christmas Again

December 8th, 2006 - 1:00pm by Badger

How have you been? I heard about Grandma Rose - that's a real shame. I read the memories you had posted on Goobertech about her - that was beautiful. I didn't know that she had taught you to make her knadle soup - I loved that stuff! You'll have to make it for me when I get out. Like Mom said though - at least she went peacefully before she was too far gone to really lose touch with everything. It souns like she had a really nice service, and I'm sure she'd like the fact that everyone has decided to still get together for the holidays.

I'm writing this from my new desk at my new position in the business office at UNICOR, so it'll probably be a bit disjointed as I find time throughout the day to write. I just started this job on 12-6 and am trying to get familiar with everything. But right now it's not too tough.

Mom had mentioned that Jen does some work with pastels. Would she mind sending me pictures of some of her stuff? I'd really like to see it. I have some pastels, but don't really use them all that much being as I'm already comfortable with color pencils and don't have too much time to experiment with new mediums. Also the cost would be inhibitive due to the screwed up was we have to go about ordering materials. I'd like to hear about how she got into doing pastels - had she tried other mediums, likes/dislikes, does she do it purely for enjoyment or semi-amatuer or what.

I also heard your jeep ran into a little trouble. You have the worst luck of anyone I've ever heard of when it comes to vehicles, accidents, mugings, etc. Maybe you should just pack up Jen and Mira and move to a small cave somewhere where your biggest threat of bodily harm or financial harm would come from psychotic chipmunks or some such. I worry about how much longer you're going to be able to survive such a hostile environment as you seem to be in!

How's everything else been going out there? Mom's been sending some of your blogs off Goobertech and it's excellent stuff - very well written and somewhat sardonic without being offensive. I'm very much looking forward to being able to check it out myself. Kind of reminds me of a book I read in here called "Vinyl Cafe". Keep it up!

I haven't been up to much of anything new. Mainly work, abs class, and Christmas cards. I've got some original ideas for new pictures that I'll hopefully get around to some time soon, and eventually, I'll do a caricature of all the Presidents - not just Clinton. Who knows, maybe I can get someone to publish a book or something with my caricatures and a short satirical history for each one. Not sure if it's been done before or not, but it's an idea.

Anywho, running out of stuff to say, so have a good Christmas. If Jen and Mira know about me, tell 'em I said, "Hi."