First Vet Visit

January 19th, 2007 - 4:22pm by Slye Fox

A few nights ago - Sid had some strange coughing episode. (Pugs make a lot of weird noises - but this was especially unusual.) Having a pug around aurally is like having a small pot-bellied pig in the house. Lots of snorts, sneezes, wheezes and grunts eminating from behind and under things as Sid goes about his daily business. And at night, the snoring is worse than my ex-wife. (In which case, I usually transpired to the couch in order to sleep.) I guess pugs come pre-installed with sleep apnea and/or asthma. Good thing he's cute!

But anyway, yesterday he didn't eat anything all day. This is highly suspect given that he usually hoovers up the puppy-vittles in half a second. Concerned that he might have something lodged where it shouldn't be (given the strange coughs from the previous evening), I took him to the vet for a check up.

After a small adventure finding the vet's office, we got in right away and Sid was weighed and prodded to the nurse's satisfaction. (He weighs 11.7 pounds.) The doc did some more poking and prodding and listening and deemed Sid to be fit and healthy. She suggested that the coughing fit was probably a result of Sid either choking on his own large soft pallet (roof of his mouth) or choking on a bit of mucus in the same area. Only to be concerned if it continues with regularity.

We did discover that he has a bit of a skin infection in his face folds, however. So he's on an antibiotic for a couple weeks to clear it up. Sid thinks this is great, since we slip him the pill in a small bit of rolled up ham. Best treat ever, he thinks, and begs for more.

On other Sid fronts, he's doing very well. Potty accidents are far in between and he does well to let us know when he needs to go out. I only wish it was less than once every half-hour. He listens well, but still needs to learn to come when told to. And we ought to start teaching proper behavior on walks.

Until then - he continues to charm us with his adorableness and get away with whatever he can. His favorite naughty activities include finding and chewing up dirty socks and underwear, swiping Mira's stuffed animals and making sure Jewley (the cat) is continually chased up the stairs.