The Battle Begins

January 17th, 2007 - 8:41pm by Mom

Kevin has not had total R & R since discharge on Monday. Since the upcoming treatments will be hard on his teeth as well as the rest of his body, it was necessary to have a full dental workup before the battle of the beast begins on the 22nd. Thankfully his dentist was able to make room in his schedule for him on such short notice. We still need to get to SJU to clear out his belongings from his dorm--will do that on Sunday. He isn't up to any lifting or any exertion yet, so Dick and I will do that part, and he will do the socializing (something seems wrong about that picture!). We are currently battling with BCBS for continued coverage for Kevin since our policy states he has to maintain full-time student status for continued eligibility. I gave BCBS the contact information for the Wizard from the Emerald City of Oz so they could request a heart (after all, the tin man's wish was granted) since it is quite obvious that they don't have one.

The Johnnies have been SO GREAT! They have visited, sent numerous cards and balloons, phone calls, and letters of support and encouragement to Kevin and us since this ordeal began. Today he received a personal letter of support and encouragement from the President of the University. I am so glad Kevin chose this college--it is worth the extra money. When Kevin had his 2nd surgery, the anesthetist was a fellow Johnny who graduated in l998. There was an instant connection between him and Kevin--the "Johnny bond".

I am slowly getting my sea legs under me again--the initial shell shock is wearing off and the feeling that I was run over by a MAC Truck is passing. So now it is one day at a time with only positive thoughts allowed.