Another Christmas at the way-side

December 26th, 2006 - 5:34pm by Slye Fox

Tis the season and it's almost over for another year. The goober-camera has been mighty busy capturing all those embarassing candid moments and I've been deligently photoshopping the results to post here. Click on the gallery link and check out all the new stuff on top.

This year, Mira's big gift was her puppy of course. Sid is nearly housebroken and although my energy is rarely a tenth of his, the wee shiester's cuteness quickly disipates anger into adoration.

Jen's big gift was a complete set of oil paints (the good stuff) with all the accoutrement that goes along with it. Stay tuned to see her creative side blossom and produce amazing and breathtaking masterpieces soon.

And I got the niftiest gift ever. Angelo's masterpiece, Heart of the Empire, is now hanging on the wall. The work of art is amazing and each time I peek at it, I discover something new.

Between all the traveling, various families, dog-poo on the rug and over-eating - I'm ready for January. This Christmas was a great one, but I'm exhausted and am not sad to see it end. Forward ho - to New Years we go.