Mr Fish - (#2)

December 19th, 2006 - 10:26am by Slye Fox

There's a new finned friend that watches me work. I picked him out about a couple of weeks ago and he's been happily swimming 'round his bowl ever since. Unlike the other Mr Fish, this one has no roommates to eat and hopefully won't be cursed with bad fin-karma.

I've also read up on beta care and have learned a few things. Such as keeping the water between 75 and 80 degrees and how to not plump him up. Also discovered was the vast variety that these fishies are available. From white to black and every rainbow color combination in between, you can find betas with short or long fins with smooth or serated edges. Mr Fish II is a nice yellow with raggedy fins.

Various sources say that if he blows a bubble nest, he is advertising his availability for mating. (Sorry li'l buddy - your not going to have much luck there.) But it does indicate that he's quite healthy and happy. :) And I think the live plants that share his water are a nice touch. On that note - I've got three new weeds in my cubicle that I'm trying not to kill. (That's three survivors out of four, I'm afraid. I returned after a weekend to find that the ivy had spontaneously expired into a crispy critter.)

Mr Fish likes to hover amongst the plant roots and watch intently as I work. He certainly recognizes when I'm reaching for the beta food and swims right to the hole on top in anticipation. Mmmmm, arrghrghgh, blood worms. Elsewise, I'm sure he's critisicing my engineering work and trying to communicate how it should be improved. Such a smart fish. One day we'll smoke a couple of cigars and lament over the early years.