Hitting Too Close for Comfort

December 1st, 2006 - 10:12am by Slye Fox
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This last week, friends have been calling friends to share some of the worst news I've heard all year. My dear friend Henry's son has been diagnosed with a large tumor in his brain. Surgery is eminent and everyone has only hope in the doctors' skill to fall back on.

Of all people that karma must pick on, it sure has a knack for making mistakes. From my brother's cancer, to Cameron's tumor, it makes a strong argument against a benevolent "fill-in-the-blank". Whatever your beliefs, it's hard to imagine a force other than cruel nature that would subject so innocent and loving a soul to such trial and adversity. These random hardships force us to re-evaluate our lives with new perspective and see just how fragile and precious life is. Given such frailty, certainly we ought to be making the most of it and making sure those we love are aware of that.

In Cameron's case, he's got a lot of tough times ahead. The tumor in his head is about the size of an orange and has wrapped it's evil fingers around the heart of what makes Cameron who he is. Deep in the center of his brain, the surgery to remove it is risky and will endanger much of Cameron's function. It's possible that after his surgery, Cameron may lose some physical and/or mental capacity - it's impossible to predict. As the hospital regroups to form a team of surgeons to review his case, Cameron has been given leave to go home for the week and spend time with his parents. Next Thursday, Cameron heads back to the hospital for his surgery. Your thoughts and sympathies are much appreciated during Cameron's fateful day.

And on that note - Henry, too, will be going through some of the hardest emotional hardships of his life. I cannot imagine the gut-wrenching sadness/anger/pain/etc. that he must be feeling. If you read this, friend - do not forget your army of friends who stand ready to help and support you in whatever ways we can. You've always got a shoulder to lean on and a web of love to embrace you.

Stay up to date on Cameron's progress through his online journal:
Cameron's Caring Bridge Website

December 6, 2006 - 2:00pm
Slye Fox says:

We went to see Cameron on Tuesday night. Other than being a little winded, he was a perfectly normal and happy kid. He and Mira compared shunts, (now both kids have brain drains installed.)

December 8, 2006 - 2:02pm
Slye Fox says:

Our friend Bec has been diligently by Henry's side through all of this. She has the following to report:

To All:

My guess is Henry will update the CaringBridge site
for Cameron soon (if he hasn't already):

Cameron's Caring Bridge Site

In the meantime, here's the news:

He went into the OR at around 7:15am yesterday
morning, and surgery wasn't completed until around
8ish, with another hour and 1/2 of closing him up,
bandaged, etc. The surgeons were extremely precise
and careful, taking bit by bit of the tumor out - but
they did not get the whole thing. There was an area
of the tumor that was in too precious of an area in
Cameron's brain that they dared not go there. The
tedious part of the surgery is all the little blood
vessels that were "feeding" the tumor - they all had
to be removed and cauterized (sp?). The top surgeon
at the end of the night said that Cameron's vitals
were stable throughout the entire event, and that he
is "confidently confident" that the surgery was
successful and that Cameron will have no loss of
hearing, speech, or any mental functionality.

He was in an induced sleep throughout the night, and
they weren't sure if they were going to wake him today
or not. There was a CAT scan last night, as well as
another MRI scheduled for today. These next few days
and weeks will tell if there was any damage done, or
if Cameron came through with flying colours, which we
were all praying for. It's going to be a long next
few days for Henry and family.

The prognosis on whether the tumor was cancerous or
not will come on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and support of
my dear friend Henry and his family at this time.
Make sure you check the CaringBridge site for updates.

Bec Smith