It's a short week

November 14th, 2006 - 2:10pm by Slye Fox

Tomorrow we leave for Florida. Sun, beaches, bikinis and sun-burn. I've got the new toy to record all the wonderful moments, so stay tuned for a new album next week. (And yes, I'll get around to posting the last three albums from Nye's and the Chatterbox soon.)

I'm looking forward to it. I get to relax with my two favorite girls on our first trip together. And see the ol' man again. (I try to do this with a somewhat annual regularity.) In addition, I'll be recreating the gimongous Thanksgiving feast with turkey and the whole enchilada on Friday. It'll be good to relax, eat good food and see the other half of the family for a few days.

Especially after yesterday.

You see, I've got the new manfort now (see newly coined term for my studio apartment complete with homemade loft.) I acquired this prime bit of real estate back in July after the moving fiasco. And soon after - my most favoritist girl and I started seeing much of each other. Long story short, the "manfort" has become not much more than a fancy (and expensive) storage facility for my short list of prized possessions. Given that I'm hardly there anymore and that we carpool most days (and so don't ride the Jeep much anymore), the Jeep is parked out in the cold for long periods of time.

Well yesterday, the landlord called to warn me that the city had posted "no parking" signs for Monday. Great. Watch my damn Jeep get towed before I can get over there to move it. And then he called back to let me know that it had been broken into and someone stole my radio. Motherfuck, anyway! Goddamn low-life vandals. Apparently, some little fuckers also threw a nice cinder block throw the manfort's entrance as well. Nice. (Not in a Borat "very nice" kind of way, but in a full of sarcasm and hatred kind of way.) So the landlord was out at the manfort replacing my window.

So instead of having lunch and getting back to work yesterday, I spent the afternoon blowing $185 on a new window (the littlest one on the Jeep, no less), re-parking the Jeep away from crimes-ville and moving 90% of the rest of my stuff outta the manfort. Sure would love to find out who took the time to enjoy a cigarette while tearing my dash apart and then conveniently put it out in the middle of my seat. Thanks. That's an extra nice touch, (see previous clarification of the term "nice".)

Anyway - tomorrow's 4 hour plane ride will be a welcome retreat where thinking of anything other than sun and fun would be pointless. So of we go - see you next week.