Armadillos, Spaghetti and Wine

October 27th, 2006 - 1:44pm by Slye Fox

We recently joined the Brewers and friends for a sophisticated evening of witty banter with wine. Thanks again for all your efforts guys, the various noodle accoutrement were delicious. And the spicy meatballs were quite wonderful.

As we lubricated ourselves on french wine and belgium beers, Mira kept herself entertained by chasing the white cat around and discovering the many over-running quantity of armadillos that share the apartment. The favorite of these turned out to be a small variety that lived in wee woven pumpkins -- in the halloween spirit. Many adventures and stories were developed that involved lots of silly names and modes of pumpkin residency.

After viewing this for awhile, Angelo decided that the new armadillo friend that would accompany Mira home should have some new duds. A hawaiian shirt, sneakers, sunglasses, hat, beach goodies and such ensued. The wee 'dillo was soon covered in cleverly drawn Brewer-wear. Mira was delighted and we all had a fun time thinking of what else the little guy ought to have on his beach trip. By the time we were done, you could hardly see the armadillo behind his new taped-attached outfit. He certainly looks prepared to me!

November 7, 2006 - 2:46pm
Jen says:

The armadillo "entertainment" was by far Mira's favorite. Thanks Betsy and Angelo for a great dinner!