Last Entry

August 22nd, 2005 - 10:59am by Mom

It is with mixed emotions that I am writing this entry. Since Kevin has completed all of his active treatment, I have decided to close this blog. It has provided a connection to many wonderful people that have been very supportive and helpful throughout this journey, and I am saddened to leave that behind. But I am overjoyed at the positive outcome of total remission allowing us to get back to a normal life once again.

It has been a difficult and scary journey for all of us at times, and especially for Kevin. But this journey has also made us stronger and enhanced our ability to appreciate life's simple treasures. I no longer take life for granted--it is too precious and shouldn't be wasted.

As for Kevin, he has been cramming a whole summer of fun into these past few weeks before school resumes again. Soon he will need to re-enter the real world of study, work, scholarship applications, and college visits. He is still waiting faithfully for his hair to grow long enough to schedule his senior pictures.

Dick and I will do a road trip this fall to view the colors in Canada, Vermont and New Hampshire. It will be a much needed and long awaited vacation. Hopefully all 3 of us can get to Costa Rica this winter if the vouchers come through from the resort and airline--we are still battling with both.

Thank you to everyone who provided love and support while sharing this journey with us. Remember to stop and smell the roses, enjoy all that life has to offer, and live each day to its fullest!