Diablo Cody's "Candy Girl"

October 20th, 2006 - 1:26pm by Slye Fox

I've recieved Diablo Cody's new book today. :) I'm quite excited to read it.

I stumbled across her site back in 2004 when the "Pussy Ranch" was still un-citypages-affiliated and active with the musings of the full time stripper. Content aside, I soon became a regular reader. Her style and wit had hooked my attention. (Really folks - and I only read Playboy for the articles.) Seriously though, admit it, we all like to peek behind the scenes at the various seedy walks of life, and the life of an adult entertainer certainly makes for interesting fodder.

Mrs. Cody has now since moved on, gotten married, was on Letterman and is working on her various screen writing projects. After her discovery in the blog world, she released her above mentioned memior and started writing for the City Pages. Although the subject is now different, her articles still have the same biting edge and cynicism about them. See - I told you it's about the prose, not the flesh.

Pick up her book today and see for yourself.