Cousin Camaraderie

August 1st, 2005 - 8:04am by Mom

After a busy day of post treatment tests and scans at Mpls Children's hospital on Friday, it was so enjoyable to have Kevin's 2 "sisters" from Florida come over to the house that evening with his laid-back and stress-free cousin Jesse and soon to be acquired new cousin Emily. Ryan and Joy joined us on Saturday and we all had a wonderful time! On Sunday the 3 girls, Kevin, and Jesse went to the Mall of America, and today they are all out on the water for skiing and wakeboarding thanks to Uncle Mike and his cabin and boat!!!!!! What a grand day to spend at the lake. Some of us, however, need to earn a living and weren't able to enjoy this pleasure. There is something to be said for farming and forming your work schedule around daily boating and water activities! The "Floridian's" head back to the "land of humidity, bugs, heat, and hurricanes" tomorrow. I think we failed in our endeavor to convince them to become permanent MN residents. They will be so missed by all of us! Thank you, Rose, for sharing them with us for this brief period!!

All test results are in and everything looks FASTASTIC!! So now we won't have to step foot in Mpls Children's until October when the next round of tests will need occur. Kevin is finally able to do fun things and is trying to make up for time lost. He will be going to Valley Fair with Heidi (his very good camp friend) on Saturday, and then more water fun one day at Chrissy's family cabin (a good karate friend) the following week. Soon he will have to re-enter the real world of the working class people, but for this brief period, I'm glad he can just focus on some fun activities.

If anyone has some magic spell for hair growth, let me know. We'll need to schedule senior pictures soon and he wants much more length then he has now. The back third is still totally bald from where the radiation hit. We were told from his oncologist that area will always have much thinner hair, but right now we would settle for any at all!

It feels so good to finally be back to normal living!!

Here are some pics.